Where to sunbathe during WYD Kraków 2016 - GUIDE to beaches and bathing in Krakow.

At the beginning sorry for mistakes in this article - English is not my native language that's why Google Translator made most of work.

On 26-31 July 2016 in Krakow will be 31. World Youth Day, which will come hundreds of thousands of young Catholics from around the world, and probably several million Poles. Because it will be in the middle of summer, where temperatures will exceed even 30 Celcius degrees, a good idea is to take advantage of more than a dozen of Kraków beaches and bathing areas on which we will be able whether to splurge or to experience the blissful peace. 



1. Gravel-screening Plant In Brzegi near Cracow
http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,gravel-screening-plant-in-brzegi-near-cracow,22497 )

At the beginning, we must mention that bathing in this site is forbidden. The reservoir is unregulated and unsupervised rescue.

The edges of the gravel pit is flooded excavation of a former gravel pit.

Although the prohibition of bathing is a popular place for barbecue and sunbathing. 

Despite the fact that fishing association cares about this place, you can often come across trash.


2. Beach At the Centre for Recreation and Leisure over the Lagoon Na Piaskach in Kryspinów
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,the-beach-at-the-centre-for-recreation-and-leisure-over-the-lagoon-na-piaskach-in-kryspinow,1159 )

Reservoir in Kryspinów is a big entertainment complex on the area in which you will find numerous attractions. For years, this is the most popular bathing residents of the city and area as evidenced by the number of speaking about visitors - 40,000 in the heat of the day !!!

The reservoir was built in place of the former sand pit flooded excavations and attractions that are here positioned difficult to count. In addition to sandy beaches and clear waters, water equipment rental is located here, water slide, beach volleyball, football and basketball, sailing and windsurfing school, rope park, water skiing (WakePark), children's playgrounds, zorbing and quads. In the summer season many events are organized there, shows and games with prizes so that no one should be bored.


3. Beach in Budzyń, Budzyń Lagoon
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,beach-in-budzyn-budzyn-lagoon,44 )

Budzyń Lagoon is located just off the popular Lagoon at the Sands, it is an alternative to sunbathers looking for a little peace. Around the lagoon there are several beaches where you can relax and swim, as well as several dining options. Unfortunately, these places are not guarded by lifeguards, so swim at your own risk.


4. Beach in Cracow, Bagry Lagoon
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,beach-in-cracow-bagry-lagoon,727 )

Located just 4 km from the Wawel Castle, Bagry Lagoon is one of the largest water reservoirs in Krakow. It was built in Plaszow (District Podgórze) by sinking gravel pits.

Over the guarded beach - which admission is free - we will find water equipment rental and sun loungers, beach volleyball area and free Wi-Fi.

On the lagoon there is also extract water ski and wakeboard equipped with professional obstacles.


 5. Przylasek Rusiecki Beach in Cracow, Staw Jedynka
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,przylasek-rusiecki-beach-in-cracow-staw-jedynka,728 ) 

Przylasek Rusiecki is a complex of several water reservoirs formed after pouring gravel pits (14 tanks with a total area of ​​86 hectares) in the former oxbow of the Vistula. Each of the tanks is numbered, and the biggest of them (number one) located bathing beach - the rest is a joint fishing area leased by the Polish Angling Association (manager also swimming).

Watering is guarded, and admission is free. The fee is charged only for the entrance to the parking lot.

The bottom of all lakes is generally equal to the coast gently lead into the water, and the water itself is clean and ideal for swimming. Guests can also make use of rental equipment and small catering water which appears here in the summer.


6. Wild Beach in Cracow, Zakrzówek Lagoon
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,wild-beach-in-cracow-zakrzowek-lagoon,1461 )

A beautiful shade of turquoise water, high white limestone cliffs and lush greenery. This lagoon, which is used to quarry, is a unique place - a beautiful, but also dangerous. On site there is no lifeguard and swimming in the reservoir is illegal, so drowning happens here. Despite this, the charms of this place uses a large group of amateurs of water, bath and sun. There is no sandy beach or grass, and there are ledges that are frequently crowded.

On the lagoon there is Kraken Diving Centre, which offers scuba diving education, and by the way underwater "sightseeing" of this unique place. In the waters of the reservoir there was submerged excercise platform, wreck of Duzy Fiat, the former changing rooms of workers, wreck of Bus and Antonow aircraft. It is also a granite plaque commemorating Karol Wojtyla, who during World War II worked here in the former quarry.

For many years, there were plans to civilise this place by organizing guarded bath infrastructure sanitary and catering, access road and additional attractions.


7. Beach In Cracow, Nowohucki Lagoon
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,beach-in-cracow-nowohucki-lagoon,22496 )

Lagoon Nowohucki was once a popular bathing beach, but with time fell into oblivion and his condition deteriorated very. For several years there has been a program of modernization areas around the reservoir by marking bicycle paths, deepening and cleaning of the pond, equipment park benches and garbage cans and the creation of the basketball and volleyball, tennis and playground.

There is also a small sandy beach where you can sunbathe.

You cannot take a bath in this lagoon.


8. Swimming Pool Wadzianka In Cracow
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,swimming-pool-wandzianka-in-cracow,22495 )

If we want to safely cool off in the clear water, it's located right next to the Lagoon Nowa Huta, from the north, there is a small outdoor swimming pool of KS Wanda (once OSiR Krakowianka). There is also a football pitch.


9. Open Swimming Pool Clepardia In Cracow
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,open-swimming-pool-clepardia-in-cracow,22492 )

Summer swimming pool Clepardia consists of:

- Recreational pool measuring 60 to 50 meters, and depth of 1,5 meters

- Olympic pool of 50 to 25 meters, a depth of 2 meters

- Paddling pool.

It is available a multipurpose sports field with artificial turf and beach volleyball.


10. Beach near Forum Przestrzenne in Cracov, Vistula River
http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,beach-near-forum-przestrzenne-in-cracow-vistula-river,1469 )

The city beach was established at the former Forum Hotel. There is a restaurant and a cafeteria and a lot of sunbeds, which offers a magnificent view of the skyline of Krakow, and in particular the Wawel Castle.

The place is often used for various events, festivals, fairs, concerts, etc.

We add that, despite the position of the Vistula River, it does not take advantage of the bath water here because of the tenuous state of the river at this point, so we are left with bath sunny.


11. „Plaża Kraków” in Cracow by the Vistula River
http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,plaza-krakow-in-cracow-by-the-vistula-river,1582 )

Plaża Kraków is a modern complex, which combines a restaurant, a lunch bar and music club. In the seasons of spring, summer and autumn there is open beach, sports fields, a playground and a swimming pool on a barge.


12. Nude Beach In Kryspinów, Lagoon Na Piaskach
( http://www.allthebeaches.com/beach,nude-beach-in-kryspinow-lagoon-na-piaskach,1160 )

At the end we have something else - a popular holiday destination naturists near Cracow. Nudists come here since the 80s of the twentieth century. In nice weather season starts up here in April. Sunbathers can feel comfortable there, provided that they spend their time naked because "in textiles" will not be welcome.


We are aware that the above list may not be complete, because every year another place for swimming and sunbathing appear (or disappear), so if you know an interesting place which you like to share, please leave a comment.

If you are looking for other places with a further area of Krakow or the rest of the Poland, please visit http://www.allthebeaches.com where you can find more than 1,600 beaches in Poland and several thousand from the rest of the world (the number is still growing).

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